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Custom Flower Essence Mixes

"Flower essence therapy is in alignment with true spiritual healing which concerns itself not with the state of the body and the lifting of the spirit into Grace. Flower essences restore balance by acting as reminders of divine qualities and virtues such as Faith, Hope, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Mercy. In the presence of such qualities the soul ‘remembers’ its perfection and all is made right. Flowers heal by acting as reminders of the Truth of Perfection.”

Sharon Callahan

Flower essences are herbal infusions or decoctions formulated from the flowering components of plants. Each flower species has vibrations that uniquely address and mental aspects of wellness for both humans and animals. The first 38 flower essence remedies were formulated by Dr. Richard Bach in the 1930s; now there are multiple remedies from hundreds of additional plants. A commonly-recognized formulation that is sold commercially in health supplement and pet supply stores is "Rescue Remedy" in both human (alcohol-based) and animal (glycerin-based) formulations.

How Flower Essences Work

Every physical entity is much more than just a physical but also incorporates life energy, sensitivity, emotions, feelings, and a spiritual essence/soul/higher self. Flower essence formulations are energetic imprints of the life force of selected plants which interact with these emotional or spiritual bodies and invoke specific qualities. They work in a similar way as inspirational music, art, dancing, or yoga which carry intention and meaning through sound, light, or movement.

Flower essences work through the medium of pure water by the principle of homeopathic resonance. To be most effective and noticeable, the flower vibrations used should match the core emotional, spiritual, or mental issues being addressed. This is the value of a custom mix that is formulated specifically for circumstances such as grief, loneliness, major changes, abuse, shock, illness, apathy, aggression, or depression. Every flower essence also has positive qualities that can support aspects such as spiritual connections, childlike and trust, focus, training retention, courage, competence, confidence, or optimism. They are 100% safe and natural and never habit-forming. They are safe for children, animals, elderly, pregnant women, and even plants.

When to Use

A custom mix is frequently a recommended long-term therapy following an animal communication consultation. Animals typically respond extremely positively to a custom mix, and the human companions benefit by taking the mix as well. The animals who live with us absorb our energies and are mirrors of our emotional and mental states. A response is usually seen within a few days of the first dose, sometimes immediately or within hours.

Flower Essence Dosage

Ideally, flower essences are used for long-term or deep-seated emotional/spiritual change. Flower essences address the relationship between body and soul, so are most effective at the thresholds of awakening and retiring, since these are the times the boundaries between body and soul shift. Other important transition times are at the noon and evening meals.

The most common cycle of use is four weeks, but a shorter cycle of 7 or 14-days may also be of some benefit. My custom formulations are in a one-ounce dropper bottle, which last about a month, depending on dosage.

Essences are typically taken orally via a dropper bottle; the standard dosage is four drops taken four times daily. Other formulations could be in a misting spray, a cream base, or in baths. For animals, an easy way to administer is to add 4 to 8 drops to their water bowl daily (depending on size of animal). Adding drops to a shared water bowl in a multiple-animal household is highly recommended to address the issues throughout the family and to foster multi-animal cooperation and patience.

More Information

I exclusively use the Flower Essence Society's formulations for my custom mixes. The Flower Essence Society was organized over three decades ago and is dedicated to offering the highest quality products and walking lightly on the earth with organic and sustainable land use, recycling, and supporting national and international environmental and social organizations.

Contact me to discuss a custom mix or animal communication consultation to determine how a flower essence could help.

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