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Planning My Next Equine Research Project

"There is something about the outside

of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

Attributed to Lord Palmerston,

a 19th-century British statesman

Exploring Next Research:

Expanding equine therapy with PTSD Veterans 

In the planning stages is an expanded animal communication research with equines that will build on my earlier pilot, to continue exploration with therapy equines who work with PTSD veterans. This will be a much larger study, with at least 10 PTSD equine therapy facilities across the United States, at least 50 PTSD veterans, and 10 or more animal communicators. 


The pilot study also documented the state of the horse's mouth health prior to a veterinarian's examination.  This effort will attempt to duplicate the 100% accuracy rate of equine mouth health as published in the PTSD study, but at a much larger scale and number of equines involved.

If you and your equines would like to participate in these research efforts, please reach out on the Contact Me page.  Research needs interested, enthusiastic volunteers and I'd love to hear from you!

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